Fine Jewellery Repair

JewellerJewellery Repair     At Stoco Jewellery Studio we specialize in all aspects of jewellery repair. The following services are just a few procedures that we provide onsite:

  • chains (clasp replacements and breaks)
  • rings (remodelling, resizing, claw replacement)
  • earrings (screw backs, safety wires, hinge repairs)
  • brooches (pins, hinges and safety catches)

     Our jewellery repair service is competitively priced while maintaining a high standard of workmanship and is done onsite. This has enabled us to build up a reputation based on the quality and speed of our jewellery repair service.


Laser Welding

Laser Welder     We have expanded our jewellery repair services to now include laser welding.

     Laser welding is state-of-the-art technology that enables professional jewellers to do restoration, repair and manufacturing work using a computer-controlled laser beam. Amplified light is used to weld metals instead of the traditional way of soldering with a torch.

     There are many advantages to this piece of technology. The laser beam itself is so precise and the heat is so localized, that repairs can be made close to heat sensitive stones. The laser weld is actually a fusion of the two metal parts so no solder or messy flux is used. The weld is three times stronger than the best soldered joints and leaves no seam lines. Laser welding allows for fine jewellery detailing and fabrication, and enables us to finished detailed work faster. As well, lasers can be used on all types of metals: titanium, stainless steel, platinum, silver and gold.

     The addition of the laser welder is just one more way that allows us to serve you better at Stoco Jewellery Studio.