GEM-RX5 Computerized Engraving Machine


Engraving      Stoco Jewellery Studio is proud to offer The versatile U-MARQ® GEM-RX5.

      The Gem-RX5 is Four Machines in one, it produces accurate engraving results on flat items, inside and outside surfaces of rings or bracelets, and 360° around circular pieces.

     This machine can engrave flat areas up to 6" x 3" and cylindrical areas up to 70mm, and do Photo Engraving.

     The four-axis engraver is ideal for the retail environment and comes with self-centering vise and jigs for holding delicate jewelry in place while it is worked on, plus a high-speed spindle motor that enables to burnish coated metals. the Gem-RX5 is capable of engraving a wide variety of merchandise such as jewelry, trophy plates, lighters, hand bag mirrors and much more.


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