3D Design

Custom Designs Stoco Jewellery Studio offers custom jewellery design and manufacturing. Our services range from modifying stock items, or items brought in to creating one of a kind masterpieces from start to finish. All work is done on premises by a highly skilled jeweller with over 40 years experience with working in many metals and using the latest technologies, including computer assisted design and manufacturing. For a look at some our finished projects please visit the link to our custom design gallery.



Step 1. Basic Design Concept.
A custom jewelry project starts with a basic concept. Customers may contribute by bringing in a drawing or a photograph or we will create one using our customer’s design ideas and requests.



Step 2. Estimate.
The customer will be given a basic quote with total cost, sketches, stones sizes, weights, metals and other relevant details. Changes of the design can be made throughout the process to ensure that the finished product will satisfy the customer.

Step 3. Approval and deposit.
After the customer has given a go-ahead, a deposit is required to begin the manufacturing process.



Step 4. 3D Design Pictures.
A designer will create the piece on the 3D designing program. When finished the customer may view all sides of the model from pictures and decide on any changes.



Step 5. Wax Model.
When the design is finished, the program transfers the model into a toolpath that is sent to our milling maching. The toolpath is a combination of numbers and letters that are translated into movements by the mill. The model is carved out of a tube of wax that is fastened to a turning wheel. It is cut by a special spinning bit on our mill.

The model gives the customer an opportunity to view the design in actual three dimensions. Quick changes can be made in this stage if necessary. With the customer’s approval the wax is cast in metal. All stones will be set and the piece will be cleaned and polished.


Finished piece

Step 6. Finished Piece
Upon payment of the balance owing, the customer may pick up the finished item.



Click here to visit our custom design gallery.