Custom Wedding Bands

Custom Wedding Bands

Which wedding band is right for you? Of all the choices you will make for your wedding day, only the wedding band will endure. As beautiful as your gown is, no matter how delicious the cake turns out to be, even if you have the most perfect honeymoon ever, it is only the wedding band that will be close to you every day, a beautiful symbol and reminder of the day you took your vows.

That’s why at Stoco Jewellery Studio we provide an advanced service that allows us to create custom wedding bands on site. Our customers enjoy the positive experience of being part of a design process that gives us the ablity to view 3D designs before a model is even created. Our process guarentees complete customer satisfaction and you’ll walk out with a piece of jewellery that is uniquely your own.


Custom Wedding Bands that Match your Engagement Ring

Step 1: Making a wedding band to match starts with the engagement ring. Customers can offer input and specifications on the design they would like to have made.


3D Design of Scanned Engagement RingEngagement Ring is Scanned

Step 2: The engagement ring is scanned on our scanner which uses a touch sensitive needle which automatically senses the surface of an object. The scanner traces the exact outline of your ring and transfers it into a 3D file for our design program.


3D Design of

Step 3: When finished, the scan is loaded into our 3D design program. The band is created by building from the outline of your ring. This creates an accurate, perfect fit. Stones can also be arranged in the model to create a better visual for the customer and changes can be made until the desired design is created.


Milled Wax Model

Step 4: When the designing step is finished, the model is milled from wax on our cnc milling machine. The customer can then try it on and minor alterations can be made ensuring that the finished design is always a perfect fit.


Finished Wedding Band

Step 5: As soon as the wax is approved, the ring is cast into metal and stones are set. The result is a goregeous band that is guaranteed to fit perfectly.